Chandra Ekajaya Talks About Occultism

When you see a spiritual journey of president Soekarno and Soeharto, we will get an axiom that had been explained by Mangkunegara IV in part of Pocung song. That is “ngelmu iki kalakone kanthi laku”. Chandra Ekajaya as an entrepreneur who loves occultism explains that the meaning of it is if you want to reaching all power so you have to do “laku” firstly.

That’s way in Javanese puppet story, so many people who had evil character also had supernatural powers. This is because the supernatural powers are not determined by good or bad manners, but from “laku” that had been accomplished.

But if the understanding has not comprehensive, when you digest the understanding it will be so dangerous. “Because people will think that what for doing good manners, if the results is same,” said Chandra Ekajaya.

Actually it is not same, because laku is for supernatural powers. While manners are for wisdom. Course, it will be great if people can reach both of it. The world will be great, beautiful, and amazing.

The occultism man, or several people can not regardless of the inheritance which is always accompanying. Chandra Ekajaya exemplifies inheritance of Boeng Karno, one of them was baton. Not just anyone who is able to bear a remarkable supernatural powers. Of course the hardware and software of people have to match with programs or supernatural powers or the occult science that will be installed in their inside.

If the hardware and software are not matched, so it has to be updated or even needs to be upgraded, so people who will received the supernatural powers be able to install and use the occult application.