PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil Of Clove Oil Production

PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil return to new innovations. After so long in the field of oil and gas of PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil began venturing into the oil industry Sort. The raw materials used is very environmentally friendly i.e. clove leaf litter, so it does not pollute the environment in the vicinity. Even though it has become rubbish, it turns out the leaf of cloves that dries is able to provide additional income.

Clove leaf is processed in a way so as to produce a distilled oil of clove. One of them is in the area of Bone, South Sulawesi. Clove leaf that originally only considered trash and burned because of the bother of clean liness, now able to processed into clove oil. And the result is very seductive, one kilogram of clove oil valued at Rp 150 thousand. In fact, the price of clove leaves before processed only Rp 1,500.

Moreover, for the Bone it self is not that difficult to buy clove leaves, especially those who have loss. Because, in the area of almost all citizens have good clove trees planted in the fields as well as the home page. “The many benefits of clove leaf, clove oilis in addition to serve as a sort of oil, can also be used as cosmetic ingredients, foodstuffs and beverages, perfumes to ingredients for pharmaceuticals,” said Chandra Ekajaya, owner of PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil.

For the distillation of clove oil alone, Chandra Ekajaya explains, clove leaves steamed in large steam container for nine to ten hours. After that, through the pipes, the oil that still mixes with the water that flowed into the container in the form of drums.Once cool, between water and oil will be visible and readily separated.

“For once the production, a large pot that can load 6 quintals of dried clove leaves,and will produce as many as 13 pounds of clove oil ready to sell,” said Chandra Ekajaya. for the current marketing of clove oil has already penetrated into the entire Indonesia and offing might be immediately exported to some neighbors such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.