PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil Coconut Oil Is Versatile

PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil is a larger oil companies in Indonesia. various types of oil are already generated from factory PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil. One of them is already famous coconut oil worldwide would benefit. One of its benefits is that it can serve as a sort of oil can cure a variety of ailments.

“Oil palm native of this sort Land artificial PT Sulawesi Chandra Ekaja Oil Indonesia often used by traditional massage experts worldwide for a variety of illnesses suffered by patients,” said Chandra Ekajaya, owner of PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil. He says, the benefits of oil production by PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil is, among others, strengthen the muscles baby/toddler, rheumatic pain and cold sore. Then cut throat Heals wounds and burns, scars heal from mosquito bites, sprains and bruises on the body. For the price, said Chandra Ekajaya, oil sort sold for Rp 50,000 per package.

In addition to oil sort of coconut. There is also oil sort of coconut which is also a mixture of ginger. The sort of oil properties, said Chandra Ekajaya, can overcome the problem of gout, rheumatism, gout, cold sore, rheumatic pain, varicose veins, joint pain in the muscles, lumbago, stiff/numb fingers, lame and treat stroke.

For the moment the production of coconut oil from PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil is already patented and have started to explore the international market. In addition to the oil used to sort, coconut oil can also be used as an ingredient in lieu of cooking oil from Palm oil. Of the few countries in the world have also used the coconut oil from PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil. Experts in the world have also stated that coconut oil is safe and very many benefits for a wide range of fields.